Words & Music © P. Allsop 2005

Come with Me, take My hand

You can walk upon the water

If you trust in My love,

I will lead you through the storm.

Never forget I go before you, I will show the way

And though the waves surround you

I will lead you to the shore.


Why do you fear? There’s so much I long to give you.

Just step out of the boat, don’t be afraid now.

Wonders will unfold, this new life is just beginning.

Great plans I have for you, don’t you look back now.


Be not afraid. You need only let Me guide you.

My love lighting your way, I will be with you.

Stay by My side, through the night and in the daytime.

Your doubts fading away, I will sustain you.


Come test the waters I’ll be there at your side.

I will provide for all your needs.

In every situation I’ll be your guide.

Step forth and give your life to Me.