Words & Music P. Allsop 2008

Praise the Lord you people, glory to His name forever

Worship Him in gladness, proclaim His majesty

Seated now in heaven, glory everlasting

Hail the name of Jesus, His the victory!


Forth You came to save Your people from death

Reconciled us to the Father's love

Sent by God to bring back all those who strayed.

Telling of Your kingdom above.


Through Your suffering and Your death on the cross

You redeemed our lives from the grave.

In humility You conquered our sins.

Gave us hope that we can be saved.


Word of God You bring a message of hope

Shine Your light for all the world to see

Signs You work for us Your healing You bring

Manifesting Your deity.


God with us You reach out to those in need

Friend to all who call upon Your name.

Merciful You are compassion and love

Emmanuel forever the same.