Words & Music © P. Allsop 2007

We worship You Lord Jesus Risen Saviour

With thankful hearts our voices we raise

Your sacrifice has brought us back from darkness

Into Your light and now we sing Your praise!


Lord our God we stand here in Your presence

And filled with awe Your name we magnify.

For You are great and worthy of our praises

We bend our knee and You we glorify.

Lord of love Your life was one of mercy

Still You forgive and heal our every ill.

We turn to You for comfort and compassion

Embrace our hearts, reveal to us Your will.


Lord You reign in majesty and glory

Risen from death, enthroned at God's right hand.

Your victory, Your cross and resurrection

Reveals to us the Father's saving plan.


Lord we know Your Spirit is upon us

And fortified we witness to Your name.

We seek the lost, the lonely and the broken

Sharing our hope, Your gospel we proclaim.